Solar Wheel History

Left The 1st Solar Wheel
Originally licensed to and manufactured by Kikkerland Design, NY Solar Wheel was liquid and glitter filled window mounted. A self rotating item for window display.

Click on the left image for more info on this solar powered wheel.

An alternate version, non liquid version was left on the drawing board until now...
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The Alternate Solar Wheel
is based on circular moire patterns
one turning against the other.
I had access to a laser cutter for awhile so I cut out some patterns
and returned to the belt driven solar wheel concept.
Moire Wheel # One
Laser cut illustration board
Rainbow acetate backer.
Worm gear speed reduction
Adjustable tension belt drive.
The Video on Vimeo

This project and others require moire patterns so I've been creating new ones.
Uploaded to Tumblr for convienient viewing
Tumblr Page

Moire Wheel # Two

The first version of this project used a belt drive.
It runs pretty well but over time the belt (rubber band) gets
less flexible and starts to slip. It's a weak link so I've opted to rebuild with direct drive.
Also, the pattern and moire effect is a little fast which is OK with this pattern but I'd like
to be able to use much slower, finer patterns if I develop this further.


It starts with parts top

More cut illustration board.
acetate backer.
Worm drive

Rethinking parts
Mulling over the above drawings and playing with the actual drive parts
I started thinking about maybe simplifying the whole drive by compacting the
motor, wormgear and drive gear, centering them right up behind the moire wheel itself.
Simple is always better ...
Size and Weight Direct-One

This drive will be blocking the light and interfearing visually with the moire pattern so
size is a concern.

Also, the standard Solar Spinner motor, my first choice, is too big visually and adds too much mass near the top.

Since I have a bunch of small motors that run on my standard solar cell I chose one that seems to have enough torque to drive the laser cut illustration board version. If so It will have plenty of power for the light-weight final version.

I guess I'll bang it together and see what happens.

  Direct drive simplified... for testing

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